We’ve been making apps for iOS since 2010...

We’ve had a presence in Apple’s App Store since 2010, with apps built in native Objective-C and the Swift programming languages. More recently we’ve released apps built entirely with Claris FileMaker, released in the App Store and deployed directly to clients devices using FileMaker Go.

We always ensure our apps are built with current iOS design patterns and maximise the features available in current versions of iOS. Below are a couple of our iOS apps that can be found in the App Store.


Meet n Greet

An airport welcome sign...

We’ve rebuilt the Meet n Greet app from the ground up, with an entirely new database engine and a stack of new features.

This new version now allows you to create and store unlimited boards, saving time and effort during your busy day.

Create unlimited boards in advance, storing your text and graphics, then just pick the board you need from your pre-made selections. No need to make up a new board for each passenger meet and now you can keep and re-use boards for your regular clients.

Meet n Greet 2 also offers more control of text-sizing, stored image sizing & on-screen positioning, with an additional ability to duplicate any board with just a single tap.

Choose from inbuilt themes or easily change settings and add images to customise the appearance of your signs.

Stand out in the airport terminal and let your clients see you from a distance!

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A speech-to-text writing assistant...

A simple writing assistant for the writer who needs to catch that burst of inspiration, wherever they are. Synopsis allows the writer to record ideas for novels, plays, short stories and screenplays, any time, any place. On your way to work, out for a stroll or just waking up; when creativity strikes, grab your phone and get those ideas safely into Synopsis.

Perhaps a plot idea wakes you. Quickly add it to your project… with no need to turn on the light. Use the keyboard in the dark or use the speech-to-text function and speak your words directly into the app, spoken words saving as text. Synopsis helps you to take your creative ideas and flesh-out those characters, settings and plot points.

Create individual projects for each novel, story or screenplay and develop individual scenes, acts or chapters, characters and locations for the plot to unfold. Arrange scenes or chapters into a sensible order, to create your structured storyline, then export your project as a PDF to email, upload to your iCloud Drive or even open directly in other compatible apps.

Synopsis - type or speak your creative writing ideas!

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