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Using Claris FileMaker for low code software development we design, build and support custom business and cloud applications. 

We create custom solutions, tailored to your exact business needs, to transform the way you work and increase productivity through improved user experience.

Claris FileMaker and Lowcode Apps

Digital Transformation

The world is increasingly digital, so managing business data is more critical than ever.


Modern work moves fast. We help your business innovate by building complex apps quickly.

Change things on-the-fly

Changes that would normally take a team a whole day to complete can be done on-the-fly.


By breaking down the barriers of technology, low code means building enterprise applications fast.

Rapid Application Development

Low code development cuts time-to-market from months and even years to just weeks.


We build apps that connect; to private networks, the Cloud or linked to other web-based services.


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Here at Lowcode Apps we work with you to create bespoke business systems that fit uniquely to your business needs.

We can simplify and shorten many of your business processes, improve productivity and accuracy by creating intuitive and easy to use software.

We start by finding out your existing procedures, explore your current software use and identify opportunities to automate and simplify processes.

With your continual input we can create for you an entirely tailored solution that will help you get the best out of your business.


Apps for mobile devices with FileMaker Go,  Apple’s App Store and WebDirect.


Apps for Windows and Mac devices, networking locally, remotely or as stand-alone applications.


Deploy to the Cloud, develop in the Cloud… everything in the Cloud. 


Built with Claris FileMaker...

Claris FileMaker is a leading cross-platform application development tool which offers flexibility, performance, reliability and ease of use. We’ve used FileMaker for numerous years to create many apps and in-house systems deployed to the Cloud, on Windows and Mac desktops, and to iOS and Android mobile devices.

Deploying an application built with Claris FileMaker requires minimal IT equipment and configuration, making it a cost effective and hassle-free option for small business software applications, offering a much more powerful alternative to Microsoft Access or Excel.

Find out more about Claris FileMaker here...

System Integration...

Integration with other software and services is vitally important to modern business.

Our applications have powerful integration capabilities, connecting with other systems to allow sending & receiving data between services.

We've integrated systems with Xero accounts, Shopify, NOTHS, APC Overnight and also connected ERP systems to Ocado and Amazon wholesalers via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

If your business uses specific online services then we can help you to connect.


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